Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Art of Studying Abroad

Today was our last day in Galway and was the first official time the capstone students have had class while abroad. They gave presentations on specific topical areas relating to the overall course. This included presentations on coal mining, nuclear power, endangered species, and even opportunities for sustainability efforts at UNI. When they return to the US they will have to write a paper detailing the trip and how it related to the class content itself.
Earlier in the semester, after they had signed up for the course, they attended a formal class two times a month. During this class period they watched movies and had large group discussions on the topics of environment and industry and their relation.
Traveling abroad provides an additional element to the class which adds context and truly shows global perspective.
This course fulfills the liberal arts requirement for a capstone, as do the other short term study abroad opportunities. Some of the other countries with UNI students in them include Greece, Poland, France, Italy, and South Africa!

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