Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello from London!

The internet access in the hostel is somewhat shoddy, so my updates over the next few days may be slow.
The flight and arrival went relatively smoothly. We had a four hour layover in Chicago and an eight hour flight to London. My stay was located dead center, and I'm on the tall side. But oh well! Once we arrived it was already seven in the morning, the next day. Getting out of the airport was a bit of a struggle. UK border control took quite a while to get through. Luggage claim wasn't as smooth as I could have wished. One member of our group had her luggage taken by someone else unfortunately. Luckily the unintended recipient returned it to the airport and it was delivered to her this morning. 

Once the students and I arrived in London we took a bus through the city. Due to major delays and construction, it was a slow ride but it took us through parts of the city I had never before seen.
We finally made it to the hotel a little after 11. My group refefreshed themselves and we were off again! First we headed to Buckingham Palace to catch the very end of the changing of the guard. Unfortunately, Olympic construction kept us from getting very close.
Afterward we headed to the natural history museum and science museum. I've been to many of the museums in London but somehow had slipped over these. The students seemed to enjoy the British museum atmosphere. The exhibits are thorough and the admission free. The visit to the science and industry museum is key for their class. Understanding the past and future of technology as it pertains to the environment and global societal stability (or instability) is the primary learning objective for the class. 
After the museums the length of our travels caught up to just about everyone. We tool a break back at the hostel. Much needed.
Many of the students in the two groups dispersed for either a pint at the nearby pub or some late night shopping. A few of the students and I headed to a gourmet burger joint (odd choice for a vegetarian) and enjoyed the best milkshakes we have ever had. Seriously, it was nirvana.
It was an impossibly long day, but enjoyable none the less. Everyone seems to have taken a liking to the city, which I couldn't be happier to see. For me, it felt like I never left.

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  1. Hi, Leah ... did you see my comment on your previous post? That's where I introduced myself and had a suggestion for the blog.

    Sounds you guys are having a great adventure.

    You know what I'd love to hear is not so much what happens, though that's cool of course, but what cool insights you're having from what's going on.

    Who are the students with you? Just wondering if I know some of them. It'd be fun too to hear about them as you get to know them.

    Take pictures!!

    Thanks for doing this blog.


    P.S. Just had an interesting captcha: "Marydna nukingd" ... it almost says a sentence, "Mary DNA nuking D."